Digital Solutions for Pharmaceutical Sciences
Master’s Degree in Health Engineering

Data in the medical field

Data is essential to most people working in the medical field (i.e., pharmaceutical companies & biotechs, hospitals, academics), where data-informed critical decisions are made daily when developing new drugs and devices, in routine care or when performing biomedical research.

digipharm Master program

The 12-month digipharm Master program aims to provide you with a dual expertise in coding and in pharmaceutical sciences. Mostly based upon project-based learning, strengthened by intensive courses in programming and conferences, DIGIPHARM will help you to quickly become operational, thanks to the transversal competences gained in programming, data analysis, plus regulatory and ethics aspects when handling biomedical and health data.

Algorithms & programming

This master's degree provides expertise in programming, algorithms and machine learning. Its main objective is to offer students a toolbox to transform coding into a digital solution applicable to health and pharmaceutical sciences.

Academics & professionals

digipharm comprises a diverse group of academics and professionals, all working in the field of coding and/or pharmaceutical sciences, who bring pedagogical rigor and real-world expertise into the classroom.

Enjoy our different modules that will grow your programming
and coding skills in the field of biomedical data !

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